Traductions & Rédactions

Travaillez avec nous! La machine n'a pas réponse à tout!Trust us with jobs that matter!

Notre offre :

Des traductions et rédactions authentiques et fidèles à vos textes; seuls le français, l’anglais et l’allemand sont pris en charge pour garder le contrôle de la qualité des traductions.

La traduction écrite de textes hydrauliques et médicaux, de l’anglais vers le français ou de l’allemand vers le français et de l’allemand vers l’anglais ou de l’anglais vers l’allemand, est un de nos points forts.

La traduction audio et vidéo : La transcription écrite sous fichier Word ou pdf de vos contenus vidéo et audio : dialogues, voix off, publicités, tutoriels, communication d’entreprise, reportage, etc.

La conception, la rédaction et la traduction de textes divers pour les professionnels, les très petites entreprises, les étudiants et les particuliers: CV, Projets, études, rapports, contenus sites internet , pages personnelles et professionnels réseaux sociaux, etc.

Nos domaines de spécialisation : Hydraulique industrielle, Métallurgie, Agroalimentaire, Aéronautique, Pharmacie/Médical à l’exclusion des prescriptions et consignes thérapeutiques… etc.

Reasons why you should work with us:

Excellent writing and comprehension skills in the source and target language will make your texts authentic. Only French, English, and German are supported to control the quality of translations and remain competitive.

We have specialized in the healthcare industry (excluding prescriptions and instructions), Hydraulics, Metalwork, Agro-industry, and Aerospace areas to provide better translations as valuable experts who speak directly to a target group when working with a subject matter. Written translations of Hydraulic and medical texts from English into French or from German into French, and from German into English or from English into German are some of our strong points.

Cultural knowledge in both target and source languages

Being familiar with the cultural differences between the countries in which both source and target languages are spoken enables us to function as cultural consultants and tell our clients when something does not work or is inappropriate in the target culture. A good translation is free of cultural faux pas and helps the clients in fulfilling their goals.

Good computer and keyboarding skills. Most translators these days work with a computer-aided translation tool. We do use them but only as a typing aid and as a mere time saver.

Our translations are accurate to your texts thanks to the language and translation expertise areas achieved through qualifications and professional experiences. Moreover, they are authentical and sound native

We also provide advice and assistance to professionals, small businesses, students, and individuals in writing their Internet contents (websites, personal pages, professional social network) and texts such as reports, CV, etc., to make them fit the message to convey.